This is the end!

October 6, 2010

Hi all. As I said earlier, there will be no releases in 2010 due to school-related issues. Yes. I am 17 this year. I’ll be taking my SPM soon. Trial is almost ending, soon. I have my plans for this group but I realized, even if SPM is over in December, I may still be busy dealing with undergraduate stuffs. Therefore, I decided to take this decision to my own matter…


However, before we leave, here’s the last release for all of you. I finished it a long time ago but I’m waiting for the perfect time to do it.

Kaoru Cake House – Story One : Here.

Other reasons included the kidnapping of the laptop used for scanning. But if there’s chance, I may resume scanlation but officially, this group is closed.

Thank you. 🙂

Kaoru’s Cake House

February 5, 2010

Hey y’all!

As you noticed, we have a new banner for dwyn.SN site. Hope you like it. It features a character drawn by Kaoru, here. Also, I just found out that Maid Maiden – Monday is now out in stores. So to all who lives near the bookstores, go and get your copy! I’ll wait for a while, probably during Chinese New Year holidays. Also, Maid Maiden made it to Gempak’s cover, and I am so melting over it. Hopefully I can get a sneak peek over the latest chapter. *winks*

Anyway, I’m announcing a new project by the wonderful, talented Kaoru. Ta-dah–

Yeeeeeeeeees, it’s Kaoru’s Cake House.

It’s a cake house managed by Wing and his three workers – Danny, Bob and Izz. This book, like Kaoru’s early books contains a collection of oneshots. It’s not so new (it came out before HE and MM, and notice, the artstyle changed!), but I never buy this book before and luckily, my sister got this book for free and even more epic; the cover is detached from the contents, and the pages are totally epic to be scanned.

Oh well, this is just teaser for y’all. An eight-pages chapter as the introduction chapter for Kaoru’s Cake House — about the four different guys will soon follow.

Oh yes, my statement for no releases for the rest of the year stays true, unless something came up and I can do releases. And if anyone want to ask me about scanlation, you can email me at salva_nos[dot]ad00[at]yahoo[dot]com. Yes. The email address suck, especially the ‘ad00’ one. I’ll come up with a proper one later. : )


January 10, 2010

DWYN.SN will be on hiatus for site and forum reconstruction for the rest of the year 2010. There will be no releases until further notices. We may also be having a new forum and membership will be open to all, not limited to staffs members only. I hope to create a place where fans of the Malaysian comic can come and discuss the projects we do.

To all who are interested in helping DWYN.SN, thank you for your interest. At the time being, please wait for a while as the recruitment page is under reconstruction. When it’s done, I will review all interested applications and hopefully some of you will be accepted into the group.


Holiday wishes…

December 23, 2009

I’ve finally kicked myself to edit chapter eight of Maid Maiden. You can download it inside the project page. Enjoy!

This is probably the last release for 2009 as we’re reaching the end of year in a few weeks to welcome the new year 2010. Oh yes, on November 20th, it’s the 2nd anniversary of DWYN.SN creation. Happy Belated Birthday!

Well, first of all, I’m sorry for the extremely messed up state of this site, especially the recruitment page. Thank you to all who would like to help this team scanlate Malay projects into English. I know I’m very slow and messed up altogether that you have to wait a while for my response. Plus, every comments I received are not sent to my email address, and it just DID!

First, this team is unfortunate for having only one Malay projects scanner, so I want to shout out for all out there, if you have the time to spare, help us scan few Malay books so we can push the editors to edit the projects, and the translators to start translating, too! We can talk the details if you comment in this post! As for people asking to be translators and editors, I’ll love to give you projects but no scans = no translations = no editings.

Yet, if you insists to help with scanning, translating and editing, simply comment and we’ll talk. If you’re accepted, pls understand that you may receive no work at all.

Without scans, we’ll work with what we have and for me, it’ll take a long while before anything get moving with my complex schedule. Next year is a busy year for me, seeing that I’ll be taking my SPM, I need to focus on my studies first. Still, I hate to see my small scans team die so soon.

Anyway, here’s some delightful Kaoru news!

Kaoru will be releasing the first volume of Maid Maiden, titled MM: Monday on February 2010! The cover features Alivia in her maid costume. Finally, yay! Also, her first artbook titled ”Sugar Addict” is out in stores! I got it and it’s sitting in my bookshelf!

That’s all for now. I’ll try to solve the recruitment problems. Sorry, again!

Alas, from DWYN.SN Scans…


Alive. And Well.

October 16, 2009

We are alive, except no releases because of me. Yes, me.
I am currently doing my final exam, which will only end by next week Friday. Until I reach that day, there’s no scanlation works nor releases coming out from this place.

We’re not inactive; we’re alive, just a bit dead. And no one apply for recruitments at all, so you know what it means, less stuffs to see but we are not scanlating Japanese/Chinese/Korean works, so no worries. 8D

We’ll be back. *bows*


September 15, 2009

Hello. Here’s a message to those of you who are interested!


We are currently accepting applications from all of you who wish to help DWYN.SN team in scanlating our Malay projects to English. I talked about this in the previous entry and so far, we have a new team member, a new Malay translator, pinksakura82! Welcome to the team and good luck in your future works. =D

Obviously we need more translators, but what we really need are scanners and editors! We wish to scanlate another well known comic artist (yes, I refused to call them mangakas, comic artist suited them better, but never cartoonists) in Malaysia, Ben’s works (Le.Gardenie, The Fishes, 1001 Emotion Innocent, Naive). I’ve read some of them, but never be able to get his books because my money is tight and I’m very much a Kaoru fangirl, but I know that people want to see the same spotlight we shone on Kaoru to be given as well to Ben.

What we need:

Scanners: If you live in Malaysia, have a scanner and have the books we need; if it’s possible and you’re willing to damage your books, can you do us a big favor by scanning if you have the followings: Helios Eclipse (Kaoru) starting from volume 2+, Maid Maiden (Kaoru) magazine version from chapter 12 onwards, Ben’s works (like the above I stated), Kaoru’s other works (So far the only books I have are HE, Colours and Daisuki. Kaoru has two books which I don’t have; Kaoru’s Cake House and 143). The language must be Malay, not English version and not Chinese version.

If we just scan from English version, that’s not scanlation at all and personally I don’t like the English version, even with such tempting covers, sorry.

If you wish to take this position, please send a few samples of the pages you scanned. The pages resolution must be strictly 200 or 300 dpi, don’t scan with 400 or 600 dpi because it is too large. Large is good, but scanning it at 200 or 300 dpi is perfectly fine for editing. You can scan either by two-to-two pages, or a page by page. We do not require you to give us perfect scans, but please flatten it properly. Shadows at the middle of the two pages are alright, don’t rip your books if you don’t dare to risk it, but please limit the amount of shadows so that the editors won’t scream in frustration. You can send up to three samples, zip it, upload it and send it to the team’s email.

Translators: One thing for sure, translators are the hardest to find. Your command in Malay and English must be good, or at least decent and understandable by me, who will proof your translation before handing it to the editor. We much prefer that you have your own books so you can translate directly from it, but if you do not have scans of that particular subject, you may ask for the scans. Translators are required to take the test placed inside the recruitment page, do everything needed and send it to the team’s email.

Malay to English is a very easy thing to do if you don’t think too hard, try to translate it using less words but understandable in an instant, and certain words in Malay can be simplified easily in English. Dictionary is your bestfriend, use it! Simple English is much preferred but not broken English or broken Malay. If your command in both languages are bad, I ask you, do not take the test. Correcting one’s person language is harder!

Malaysia is rich with colours, and so does the pages. Certain stories like HE, Maid Maiden, and Juice are in full colours. Other series like Daisuki and Colours are in black and white. I know most editors prefer B&W pages, but editing colour pages isn’t that hard at all after you practice a lot. The positions open are for Colour Pages Editors and B&W Pages Editors. The test for editors has not been added yet, but you may give me your samples, at least two or three pages, including the .psd so I know what you did when editing. Experience is necessary, at least, if you know basic cleaning, typesetting, redrawing if needed, joining two pages if there’s any and changing the settings (like changing the resolution from 200/300 to 72, etc), please do join. I am willing to point out your mistakes but I would not teach you from scratch! There are sites that provide editing tutorial so learn from there. Send a complete zip file to the team’s email.

Trust me, when editing the Malay projects, you’ll notice how short the chapters are. If it’s running in the semi-monthly magazine, the chapters are mostly 8 pages. However, when scanned from the volumes, the number of pages per chapter are not consistent but if you count carefully, it’s either 8 or 16 pages, depending. Certain books like Juice have 12 pages for each short story. Since most of them are not consistent, you can expect to edit a 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 16 and 24 pages for a chapter. xD.

The team’s email is salva{underscore}nos{dot}ad00
. Please make the necessary changes before sending your app.

That’s all for now. I’ve started scanning the stories, currently focusing on Maid Maiden and Daisuki, later it’s Colours and Helios Eclipse.

PS: My sister bought Gempak issue #236, and it featured Alivia on the cover. MM is now on chapter 15, and since I missed chapter 12 to 14, I’m clueless of what happened. If you guys out there know what happen in the three chapters, do share me the spoilers. I would not scanlate 12 onwards, we’ll only do so when the volumes come out but my curious mind always wish to know what happen. Thanks!

Son of PS: I think we’re coming to a decision where we are dropping VK, no word coming from the scanner and the translator, but I shall place the extra large pages from chapter 49 to 52 at the Extras page. That page will be used to put random images, or spoilers of future chapters. I have plans for the page, so don’t worry. Thank you for your support of our scanlation of Vampire Knight. We’re happy to provide you with the 20 chapters we did, chapters 33 to 52. Twenty chapters are a lot and we’re very proud with our contribution to the fandom.

– cc.caelin.

Independence Day!

August 31, 2009

Happy 52nd Independence Day, Malaysia!

I know I didn’t wish anything for the US, or the Canadian, or the Indonesian, or anything related to it, but I’m selfish in my own private way. : P

For this special day, surprisingly it falls on my country’s independence day (yay!), we’re releasing two chapters from the Malaysian-born comic artist (see, you know where this is going). Yes, dear all, it’s Helios Eclipse and Maid Maiden, two projects I love.

However, before I go on, I want to say this to Kalan: I LOVE YOU. This is because if it’s not because of her, Helios Eclipse won’t reach its first complete volume! Yes, with this release, HE is finished! *claps* Ahem, for the first volume that is. We still have seven more to go. The last portion of the volume Prologue is the extra, will be released as soon as Kalan finish playing with it. ; D

Next! I love this chapter so much but I will die for the next chapter, the eighth. It’s beautiful, I was in awed when I first saw it. Maid Maiden chapter seven, finally! Chapter 7 touches the backstory of Lilly, and why she came to Bennett’s home to work as his maid. Hmm, there’s four more chapters to go before Maid Maiden goes for a HIATUS since after chapter 11, we will scanlate Maid Maiden using volume scans.

Helios Eclipse Prologue is almost done. I finished with chapter 7 of Maid Maiden. The only scans available are the scans for the other project, Juice. Yikes! That means I have to start scanning HE Median and chapter 8 of MM, as well as Colours and Daisuki! Aaaah. *grins*

The recruitment page is up! So do check it out. So far, we only have the tests for translators. However, if there’s editors looking to apply, just comment and we’ll discuss. The same goes for scanner. I’m the only scanner for the Malay projects, so a helping hand is really appreciated. We can talk if you comment in this post, or the recruitment page entry. : D

Yeah, I babble about my Malay projects but I don’t forget VK, still, we’re really in a tight situation. I guess only time can tell until I decide what to do with this project and really give up. If you don’t want us to drop VK, please lend a helping hand. We need an extra JP>EN translator. Do help us!

Enjoy our releases. I know most come here because of VK, but our Malay projects are starting to grow on you guys. Thanks!


August 10, 2009

After a month and a few weeks of no releases, well, I estimated the time, finally, we’re releasing something. Yes, to all who are patiently waiting for the two chapters, here you go.

Ever get the vibes that Kaname is saying, “I’m a lady killer!” with his host-like smile in the above picture? I did!

Vampire Knight. Chapter 51 and 52. Double releases for all of you! I am quickly adoring the vampire chibi Yuuki. She is just so cute. Honestly, I wonder if we can ever get to see the vampire child as an adult, a.k.a Yuuki as a vampire without a hint of human touch, I guess that’ll only happen in AU. Chapter 52 also revealed surprising things. 😀

PS: Extra pages for chapter 51 is 15, while chapter 52 has eight. How big that difference is!

Lastly, I would like to welcome our newest addition to DWYN.SN staffs! Starting chapter 52 onwards, she will be editing Vampire Knight, taking my job. I’ve started editing VK from chapter 39 to 51, wow, that’s a lot! As for me, I will continue editing/translating the Malay projects and QC-ing!

Welcome USAKO! Please receive my totally not so cute banner. Hope you like it.

The last of this post is my announcement! How come you only see our releases after a month? We need new JP>EN translators because our current one and only beloved translator doesn’t have the time to translate the chapter every month. She is willing to share the workload with new translator. SO HELP US OUT, please! *sparkly eyes* If you offer us your help, we can release VK faster, maybe not as fast as speed scanlation, still, our scans are much understandable in terms of translation. -bows-

The recruitment page will be up as soon as possible. If anyone can tell me why whenever I upload my files to MediaFire, it refuse to show itself. The links work but it doesn’t appear in My Files!

We’re still alive…

August 4, 2009

Yo. If you’re wondering if we’re alive or not, we are. Lately I’ve been using my dad’s laptop and the reason I could make from it is; all my stuffs are there so I’m taking the opportunity to skip work. 😀

As of right now, chapter 51 of VK is ready to be released. As for chapter 52 of VK, we’re awaiting for translation, the scans are cleaned. Our beloved translator is busy, so I’m letting her to take her time. Or if any of you love to help us out in translating Japanese > English, do you want to?

Maid Maiden, pfft, still the same. xDDD. According to my editor, Helios Eclipse chapter 4 is complete. Now she’s working on the short story.

That’s all for now.

PS: Last weekend I spent some time scanning Vampire Knight, the first novel. My attempt turned out rather unsuccessful as the scanner made its own problem when I started to scan the first chapter. I shall try again when I have the time, and should prepare myself to poke the scanner if it makes trouble!

Also, when the scans are out, I’m pleased to inform that the novel scans are not for scanlation purpose until I say so. I’ll give more details later.


July 19, 2009

As I’m typing this, there’s still no releases, but don’t worry, it’ll come soon. I finished scanning Maid Maiden chapter 7 and slowly cleaning it. I also received VK chapter 51 RAW (with much squealing from my side) and just now, 10 pages done cleaning. I’ll continue 21 more pages on next day and the day after that, 10 and 11 each.

Here’s one of the extra pages preview.

I know, chapter 51 is already released by another group but we like to thank everyone who support our releases. Thank you very much. Yes, chapter 52 release date is so near, but don’t expect any double releases (chapter 51 + chapter 52). If it’s late, it means late!

Anyways, here’s my announcement for Maid Maiden. Despite what the poll said, I’ve made my decision. I will only scanlate Maid Maiden until chapter 11, and if I can find my latest magazine issue (which I still failed to find one), then I’ll think about it. I’ve decided to wait for the volume releases, which will take months to see one. Therefore, only until CHAPTER ELEVEN. If you wish to see more after eleven, well, the deal is, if anyone can provide me HQ scans of Maid Maiden from chapter 12+, then I probably scanlate. If not, volume releases.

The thing is, the latest issue (Gempak #233) should have chapter 12, ehe. So if anyone want to use their money for my selfish sake, do it, >D!

I’ve decided this for the good sake of my life. Since my magazine comes out twice a month, every two weeks I’ll have a weird dream; yes, it’s about getting the magazine in a such ridiculous way. Logic reason: I need to save money for myself, no reasons, I just like seeing I have enough money for myself.

Btw, I’m happy that there’s people willing to spare their time helping this group. Still, pardon me for my lateness in preparing my tests. I already have the pages. What left to do is to write out the rules and the form. *sighs*