July 19, 2009

As I’m typing this, there’s still no releases, but don’t worry, it’ll come soon. I finished scanning Maid Maiden chapter 7 and slowly cleaning it. I also received VK chapter 51 RAW (with much squealing from my side) and just now, 10 pages done cleaning. I’ll continue 21 more pages on next day and the day after that, 10 and 11 each.

Here’s one of the extra pages preview.

I know, chapter 51 is already released by another group but we like to thank everyone who support our releases. Thank you very much. Yes, chapter 52 release date is so near, but don’t expect any double releases (chapter 51 + chapter 52). If it’s late, it means late!

Anyways, here’s my announcement for Maid Maiden. Despite what the poll said, I’ve made my decision. I will only scanlate Maid Maiden until chapter 11, and if I can find my latest magazine issue (which I still failed to find one), then I’ll think about it. I’ve decided to wait for the volume releases, which will take months to see one. Therefore, only until CHAPTER ELEVEN. If you wish to see more after eleven, well, the deal is, if anyone can provide me HQ scans of Maid Maiden from chapter 12+, then I probably scanlate. If not, volume releases.

The thing is, the latest issue (Gempak #233) should have chapter 12, ehe. So if anyone want to use their money for my selfish sake, do it, >D!

I’ve decided this for the good sake of my life. Since my magazine comes out twice a month, every two weeks I’ll have a weird dream; yes, it’s about getting the magazine in a such ridiculous way. Logic reason: I need to save money for myself, no reasons, I just like seeing I have enough money for myself.

Btw, I’m happy that there’s people willing to spare their time helping this group. Still, pardon me for my lateness in preparing my tests. I already have the pages. What left to do is to write out the rules and the form. *sighs*


2 Responses to “Updates!”

  1. Usako said

    Um…did you ever get a chance to look at the examples that I sent you? I never got an email back.

    • cc.caelin said

      Oh, sorry. I planned to send you an email but I’m busy with schools. Sometimes I’m too tired that I don’t have the chance to do anything with the staff recruitment. I’m so sorry!

      There’s a form you need to fill out so I can know more about you. That’s what I will send to you soon.

      I’m very very sorry. Yes, I’ve seen the examples you’ve given me.

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