We’re still alive…

August 4, 2009

Yo. If you’re wondering if we’re alive or not, we are. Lately I’ve been using my dad’s laptop and the reason I could make from it is; all my stuffs are there so I’m taking the opportunity to skip work. 😀

As of right now, chapter 51 of VK is ready to be released. As for chapter 52 of VK, we’re awaiting for translation, the scans are cleaned. Our beloved translator is busy, so I’m letting her to take her time. Or if any of you love to help us out in translating Japanese > English, do you want to?

Maid Maiden, pfft, still the same. xDDD. According to my editor, Helios Eclipse chapter 4 is complete. Now she’s working on the short story.

That’s all for now.

PS: Last weekend I spent some time scanning Vampire Knight, the first novel. My attempt turned out rather unsuccessful as the scanner made its own problem when I started to scan the first chapter. I shall try again when I have the time, and should prepare myself to poke the scanner if it makes trouble!

Also, when the scans are out, I’m pleased to inform that the novel scans are not for scanlation purpose until I say so. I’ll give more details later.

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