Holiday wishes…

December 23, 2009

I’ve finally kicked myself to edit chapter eight of Maid Maiden. You can download it inside the project page. Enjoy!

This is probably the last release for 2009 as we’re reaching the end of year in a few weeks to welcome the new year 2010. Oh yes, on November 20th, it’s the 2nd anniversary of DWYN.SN creation. Happy Belated Birthday!

Well, first of all, I’m sorry for the extremely messed up state of this site, especially the recruitment page. Thank you to all who would like to help this team scanlate Malay projects into English. I know I’m very slow and messed up altogether that you have to wait a while for my response. Plus, every comments I received are not sent to my email address, and it just DID!

First, this team is unfortunate for having only one Malay projects scanner, so I want to shout out for all out there, if you have the time to spare, help us scan few Malay books so we can push the editors to edit the projects, and the translators to start translating, too! We can talk the details if you comment in this post! As for people asking to be translators and editors, I’ll love to give you projects but no scans = no translations = no editings.

Yet, if you insists to help with scanning, translating and editing, simply comment and we’ll talk. If you’re accepted, pls understand that you may receive no work at all.

Without scans, we’ll work with what we have and for me, it’ll take a long while before anything get moving with my complex schedule. Next year is a busy year for me, seeing that I’ll be taking my SPM, I need to focus on my studies first. Still, I hate to see my small scans team die so soon.

Anyway, here’s some delightful Kaoru news!

Kaoru will be releasing the first volume of Maid Maiden, titled MM: Monday on February 2010! The cover features Alivia in her maid costume. Finally, yay! Also, her first artbook titled ”Sugar Addict” is out in stores! I got it and it’s sitting in my bookshelf!

That’s all for now. I’ll try to solve the recruitment problems. Sorry, again!

Alas, from DWYN.SN Scans…


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