This is the end!

October 6, 2010

Hi all. As I said earlier, there will be no releases in 2010 due to school-related issues. Yes. I am 17 this year. I’ll be taking my SPM soon. Trial is almost ending, soon. I have my plans for this group but I realized, even if SPM is over in December, I may still be busy dealing with undergraduate stuffs. Therefore, I decided to take this decision to my own matter…


However, before we leave, here’s the last release for all of you. I finished it a long time ago but I’m waiting for the perfect time to do it.

Kaoru Cake House – Story One : Here.

Other reasons included the kidnapping of the laptop used for scanning. But if there’s chance, I may resume scanlation but officially, this group is closed.

Thank you. 🙂