Hey there! We are recruiting new team members for our small group! I bet you saw those recruitment pages we recently added into our releases. We don’t ask for much, but we sure are looking for new ones.

The tests will slowly be added from time to time. So do check from time to time. Most of the time it’s added late because I am a slow person. – caelin.

:Translator: (Where the staffs is only one for each language. Help us!)
#Japanese > English translator, extremely needed for VK. TEST
#Malay > English translator, needed for the various Malay projects! TEST.

#Colour Scans Editors
—> You will be editing project that features loads of full colour pages, examples like Helios Eclipse and Maid Maiden. Looks hard at first, but gradually you’ll get used to cloning and maintaining the colours. TEST WILL BE ADDED SOON.
#Black and White Scans Editors
—> Not all Malay projects are in colours, some are perfectly black and white, but not exactly in black ink originally, like those JP, CN and KR stories. These are for future projects that is yet to be scanned. TEST WILL BE ADDED SOON.

All the details are included in the tests, so make sure to READ IT FIRST before you do anything. All completed tests should be submitted to salva{underscore}nos{dot}

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to comment below!

18 Responses to “Recruitment”

  1. pinksakura82 said

    Hey there, I would like to try out for Malay translator….We have so many talented Malaysian mangaka and Kaoru is the leading lady! I hope to see Ben’s works as well. Ok, off to the test now! (Crossing fingers…>,<)

    • cc.caelin said

      Good luck. 😀

      I hope to be able to scanlate Ben’s works, but someone else would have to scan it. I only have Kaoru’s works. I’m such her fangirl. xDDDD

  2. pinksakura82 said

    Hey back! I already finish with the test….I hope it will turn out to be okay for you…>.< I have Ben's works but I don't have a scanner ne…-_-…I am Kaoru's fangirl too! Ever since her earlier works like 143, Colours, Daisuki and so many more! ^^

    • cc.caelin said

      Have you send it yet? Just wondering.

      I first read Kaoru’s works through 143. Though now I already lost the book. I have most of Kaoru’s books except the Kaoru’s Cake House and the 143 I lost. I’m now waiting for the publisher to publish the first volume of Maid Maiden. I am so getting that.

  3. Faye said

    I hear CF scans will scan Ben’s work,Le Gardenia >.>

    Try out for Malay test. ^^

    • cc.caelin said

      CF Scans stands for?

      Umm, do you have Winzip? Because I put the test into a .zip file so you cannot open it unless you have Winzip installed.

      If you cannot open it even after having Winzip installed, please reply here. I’ll see what’s up.

      Good luck!

  4. Faye said

    Err…something wrong with Malay test.I can’t open the folder ^^;

  5. pinksakura82 said

    Hey guys, have you check out Gempak latest cover page? It feature Alivia!!! So cute! I super like! ^^

    • cc.caelin said

      I did and already told my sister to get it since the shops here don’t have Gempak, suckers. I was like, “Must I always travel far just to get Gempak, i.e; Sunway Pyramid, KLCC?”

      Since I missed the issues after chapter 11, I’m wondering if this issue has anything new. Oh well, I just want to see if there’s anything cos’ it’s ‘Layanan Ekslusif’ and I was thinking, “What, what, what?” Haha.

      Btw, Kaoru will release her own artbook. Dayum, I’m so getting that, hopefully not too expensive. :3

      Btw, I received your application form. Thanks!

  6. pinksakura82 said

    Yeah! I did it! I already send you the Malay-English translation! I tried my best and I hope its suffice. ^^

  7. pinksakura82 said

    Yeah, I just bought the new Gempak with Alivia on it. You can trade the Gempak graphic novels coupons with an Alivia bag! I am sending my form…hopefully I can get it soon enough! I am so in love with MM too! As for the artbook, yeah, I am hoping it’s not too expensive…I am already broke as it is…>.<

  8. Imtiaz said

    wat do i hav to do after finish the test?

  9. Imtiaz said

    lol theres a japanese sfx in the picture. i dun understand japanese !! >.<

    • Imtiaz said

      i rlly wanted to do this. help anyone?

      • Imtiaz said

        pls dun tell me its full!! ANYONE HELP ME!!!! WAT DO I HAV TO DO AFTER I DONE

      • cc.caelin said

        What test are you taking, Imtiaz? The Malay>English test, is it?

        You don’t have to translate the SFX if you don’t know it. If it’s Malay SFX, then you’ll translate it. The Japanese ones just leave it.

        Once you’re done, send it here –> salva{underscore}nos{dot}

  10. nana said

    I am willing to help scan vol 3 onwards~ they’re in malay

  11. chocoteddy said

    cool! i wud like to try out for the malay-english malay translation too!!!
    I’m gonna try out the tests!
    hope i pass!

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