We’re still alive…

August 4, 2009

Yo. If you’re wondering if we’re alive or not, we are. Lately I’ve been using my dad’s laptop and the reason I could make from it is; all my stuffs are there so I’m taking the opportunity to skip work. 😀

As of right now, chapter 51 of VK is ready to be released. As for chapter 52 of VK, we’re awaiting for translation, the scans are cleaned. Our beloved translator is busy, so I’m letting her to take her time. Or if any of you love to help us out in translating Japanese > English, do you want to?

Maid Maiden, pfft, still the same. xDDD. According to my editor, Helios Eclipse chapter 4 is complete. Now she’s working on the short story.

That’s all for now.

PS: Last weekend I spent some time scanning Vampire Knight, the first novel. My attempt turned out rather unsuccessful as the scanner made its own problem when I started to scan the first chapter. I shall try again when I have the time, and should prepare myself to poke the scanner if it makes trouble!

Also, when the scans are out, I’m pleased to inform that the novel scans are not for scanlation purpose until I say so. I’ll give more details later.

*facepalm* I’m aware that a month has passed since the last releases. I have a reason why and it’s because of my time schedule. Y’see, I was having mid year exams and preparation for my sister’s wedding, which luckily, she’s now a married woman. Congrats!

Also, a week ago, my internet died unexpectedly and I’m without internet for well… a week. It’s been fixed now, and I’m trying to return everything back to normal. So, wish me luck. :3

I planned to do some scanning but I’m not quite used to my new product. I’ll try to reinstall it again and see if it’ll work. I couldn’t find the solution because internet’s dead. See, it has many uses, quick solutions too.

First of all, thanks to all who linked me to the available raw of Maid Maiden chapter 4. The quality isn’t that good but decent enough to edit. I’ll try my best to edit that chapter, ‘kay? Scanning of other chapters, a.k.a chapter 5 to 8, and possibly 9 will be done later. Need to deal with the scanner first!

Let’s get to the real business. Haha. The releases for today are…

Vampire Knight. Chapter 50 is filled with a cover of Yuuki with two wolves; they represented Zero (white) and Kaname (black), as well as 40 pages in total. The chapter is roughly 25 pages about Zero and the remaining pages are about Kaname and Yuuki’s life after their escape. The chapter played with the time, seeing as Zero’s is after a year while Kaname and Yuuki’s 6 months after and the end of year. A very surprising chapter but rather slow on story progress. Also, this chapter has no boxes for thoughts, or narrator’s stuffs. All of it is basically bubble text, bubble text, bubble text…

And as an editor, I’m quite taken by certain scenes so… if chapter 49 has 5 extra bonus pages, chapter 50 has twelve extra pages. Yes, I’m taken by the scenes. *grins* Well, if the extra pages are increasing by time, I’d better create a special page for VK extra pages, oh yes. Check back soon!

Lastly, chapter 3 of Helios Eclipse. It’s a slow project but don’t worry, we’re close in finishing volume 1! Wish us luck! >__<!


May Releases!

May 1, 2009

Hey! Well, this time, I’m  posting in an all new site of DWYN.SN. I believe I should change the group name in MangaUpdates, soon, hopefully. Anyway, we’ve have some releases for you guys. Just two projects but it’s worth it.

Vampire Knight. Along with the chapter, we included some extras; five selected pages of chapter 49, resized to 1000 px width, no text added. Normally, our scans are 750 px, but because the scans are just too wonderful, plus, I know some colourist like colouring the panels, I thought of providing cleaned, no text added pages. Go to the VK page and download chapter 49!

Maid Maiden. I am aware I’ve released chapter 1, but there’s grammar mistakes, so I’ve decided to release version two, top it off with chapter 2 and chapter 3! Chapter 2 is a bit funny but chapter 3 is filled with too much text. I survived, don’t worry.

Anyway, I’ve a request to make, does anyone have scans of chapter 4 which is released in Gempak issue #225? Unfortunately, I’ve missed that issue and needed the scans. I’ve scans of chapter 5 and 6, only needed chapter 4. If anyone is willing to scan it, can you please contact me in the chatbox inside the forum. I prefer if you’re able to scan it to 200 or 300 dpi. All the help is appreciated and credited. After all, if I’m unable to get scans of chapter 4, I’ll just continue scanlating chapter 5 and onwards.

Guess, that’s all now! Enjoy the releases and please bookmark this page for easier access. I believe I’ll update the download pages through this site then. Thanks!!